AuroraStone now at Twisted Elements AuroraSurfaces LLC is the creator of AuroraStone™, an exclusive new material celebrated for its iridescent beauty and incredible versatility. As an artisanal décor material, it can be customized for a variety of residential or commercial uses, including bartops, countertops, garden furnishings, water features, wall sculptures, fireplace surrounds, vanity tops, and powder room basins. It is also enjoyed as the focal point in our artist designed accent tables, vessels, planters, centerpieces and other home furnishings.

There is no other material available today like AuroraStone. AuroraSurfaces reclaims taconite tailings from Northern Minnesota, and upcycles them – which means creating an all new, valued–added material. Every step of the AuroraSurfaces upcycling process enhances AuroraStone and makes it more precious and beautiful. First, an exclusive high temperature plasma heating technology is used to melt the taconite tailings. Highlights and textures become apparent after the melt is poured and annealed in handcrafted and customized forms. Not only is AuroraStone unlike other materials, but each casting of AuroraStone is utterly unique and distinctive. It truly stands alone—inspiring new uses and designs on a daily basis.

Please explore our site, get to know our story, and realize the possibilities for bringing AuroraStone into your life. You’ll see that it shines with its own light, evoking the shimmering essence of its namesake, the Northern Lights. You’ll notice it is highly reflective, taking on the colors of its surroundings. You’ll find that it acts as a touchstone to all that you love in Nature. But remember, words and photography alone cannot do it justice. To fully experience it, you need to see it. If you cannot come to our showroom, AuroraStone can come to you by special arrangement. Contact us, or your design professional. Get “in touch” with AuroraStone. Together we can make it uniquely yours.