AuroraSurfaces is a family-owned and operated company, built by a talented and dedicated father-daughter team. They invited an unlikely combination of artists and entrepreneurial engineers to join them in the adventure. Combining artistry and material science led to the reclamation of taconite tailings from Northern Minnesota and the upcycling process that creates AuroraStone™, a totally new art material that is as beautiful and richly varied as it is strong. This innovative glass-like material not only shines with its own light, but it reflects the colors of its surroundings—seeming to come alive with light like its namesake, the Northern Lights. AuroraStone can be used to make everything from tabletops to landscape planters to fireplace surrounds.

A significant key to the inspiration and success of AuroraSurfaces is the rugged splendor of northern Minnesota and the shores of Lake Superior. Company founders, employees, and members of the Advisory Board all enjoy the rich beauty and resources of the woods, waters, and wildlife of northern Minnesota. This beautiful setting provides the ancient taconite rock materials we use to make AuroraStone.

AuroraStone is created in our Hutchinson crafting plant through a process known as upcycling. Upcycling means to reclaim an existing waste material, and re-imagine it in a new, value-added form. That describes our process perfectly. AuroraSurfaces reclaims taconite tailings, which are waste materials cast aside by the taconite mining process. Using a high temperature plasma furnace, we melt the tailings, then pour the melt into handcrafted molds, and finish by annealing. Each piece is stunningly beautiful, with floating opalescent highlights reminiscent of the Northern Lights. Each piece of AuroraStone is one of a kind, with exquisite and varied nuances. No pour is ever the same, and no piece is ever the same.

Using AuroraStone, AuroraSurfaces designs and crafts custom-made accent tables, landscape pots, sculptures, fountains, and centerpiece platters. We also provide custom-made AuroraStone pieces for use in water features, fireplace surrounds, powder room vanity tops and sinks, and more. AuroraStone does not produce dust, is stable and durable, and is equally at home in outdoor or indoor spaces.

AuroraSurfaces is a custom shop, which means that we create AuroraStone pieces specifically for you. After refining the project details with you and/or your designer, we’ll create AuroraStone in the shapes and sizes you need.

We will be happy to show you sample pieces of AuroraStone, discuss your project, and offer our support in whatever way possible.