Founder & Owner
Len Frame

Len Frame is world-renowned in the field of fluid dynamics and high temperature applications. As current CFO and former president and CEO of Phoenix Solutions Co (FluiDyne Engineering Corp.). Len has extensive experience with plasma heating systems and metals reclamation, among other technologies. AuroraSurfaces has given Len the opportunity he long sought to make beautiful and functional products from the molten byproducts of the plasma melting process. Len provides the scientific imagination and engineering expertise needed to make the innovative and durable AuroraStone™. Equally important, he provides expertise in starting and developing small business.

Artistic Director & Artist
Susan Frame

Susan Frame has been a professional sumi-e painter for more than 30 years. The art of this East Asian ink-and-wash painting form is not in reproducing the appearance of the subject, but rather in capturing its soul through attention to line, color and notan, or varying ink density. Susan ensures that the same subtle aesthetic and attention to detail infuses every piece at AuroraSurfaces. She selects the artisans and helps guide the pre-design process, color choices and myriad other decisions that ensure the quality and unique integrity of each art form. Susan is also responsible for AuroraSurfaces’s sales and marketing.

Building Industry Liaison
Peggy Oberfeld

Peggy Oberfeld is an experienced business woman with a deep admiration for the AuroraSurfaces crafting process. Her background working with a mechanical contractor specializing in high pressure steam helps her to understand and communicate effectively with members of the building industry about the workings of the furnace and the customization options for AuroraStone. As the self-described “non-creative family member” she is also uniquely positioned to convey the AuroraStone™ story to the wider community through the vehicles of social media. Outside of the office, Peggy is an avid horseback rider and proud parent and grandparent.

Production Director
Trevor Mustoe

Trevor Mustoe is an engineer with extensive experience in metals processing and plasma heating systems. He previously worked as an engineering manager for Plasma Energy Corp., general manager for Plazmet, technical and plant manager for Texasgulf Minerals & Metals Inc., and senior electronic engineer and project manager for Tetronics Limited. In addition to serving as production director for AuroraSurfaces, he is currently a vice president for Phoenix Solutions Co. Trevor works closely with Len Frame to source materials and refine the industrial processes that make AuroraStone.

Advisory Board Member & Artist
Christine Nelson, AKBD

AuroraSurfaces tapped Christine Nelson to help advise and design because of her diverse professional and entrepreneurial experience and award-winning designs. Christine spent the early part of her career designing and producing home furnishings, costumes, and clothing, which led to her starting her own successful children’s clothing company. She then decided to try something new, beginning a career in kitchen and bath design, for which she has received design honors from the National Kitchen and Bath Association.

Advisory Board Member & Artist
David Kopfmann

David Kopfmann is uniquely qualified to advise and design for AuroraSurfaces. As an experienced entrepreneur, designer, and photographer who specializes in custom outdoor spaces, from residential outdoor rooms to commercial landscaping, he understands the many applications for and the value of AuroraStone™. David has served as founder and owner of Yardscapes, Inc. for more than 35 years. In addition, he is currently founder and owner of Timberstone Builders, La Chaya Bistro, Earthstone Environments, 400 Photography, Moonview Properties and McCarthy-Kopfmann Holdings.