Custom designs for AuroraStone include:

  • Countertops
  • Water Feature
  • Accent table
  • Bistro table
  • Console table
  • Coffee table
  • Bar top
  • Vessel, planter
  • Wall art
  • Sculpture
  • Centerpiece platter

The pictured designs in our portfolio are examples, and can be purchased as shown or customized to your specific needs. We can also create a design you commission. We'll meet with you to discuss your project, show you samples of AuroraStone™ and explore design ideas. We will create molds for AuroraStone™ in the precise shapes and sizes you need. For instance, if you need a bar height table with a 20" x 20" top, we will create the molds for the tabletop and design the base to fit your vision.

The entire collaborative creative process works like this:

Connection: Contact us, either directly or through your interior designer or landscape company.

Initial Consultation: We will have a telephone or in-person conversation to discuss what you want, and how and where you will use it in your home or commercial space.

Show and Tell: We arrange for you to see sample pieces of AuroraStone. If you are in our vicinity we would enjoy the opportunity to show them to you in person. If you are out of town, we'll ship pieces for you to see. It is important to understand that every casting of AuroraStone™ is unique – with its own textures, metallic highlights and reflective, glass-like qualities. Each one has its own distinctive characteristics and inherent beauty.

Design Process: We finalize your exact wishes and specifications, including dimensions, shape, and scale.

Crafting Process: Our designers and artists will create the AuroraStone™ pieces you envision. Please allow 8-12 weeks for the crafting process to be completed.