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Happy Holidays!

We hope this finds you well and enjoying the holiday season.
Because we are a family business, we spend a lot of time together and during this time of year it’s fun to reminisce about past holidays.
Christmas is celebrated in the same house we all grew up in since 1957 and filled with countless memories. Mom would have stockings for everyone and Santa visited every year until about 10 years ago, when all the kids & grandkids seemed to outgrow it. 

Here are some of the five Frame kids – Peggy is at top of slide, Doug is in middle and Susan at the bottom
…. Julie and Jenny were just a twinkle in Dad’s eye.

Some of our traditions, of course, center around food. We always enjoy pea soup and oyster stew. When our Mom was still with us, she would cook and we’d all bring dishes to share. After she passed away, my Dad finally realized that we had all been contributing to the meal – he thought Mom had been doing all the cooking! He decided to cater Christmas dinner instead.
Our Grandma would come over, play the organ or piano, and we’d all sing Christmas Carols. Since Dad directed church choir for many years, singing carols was a big part of our holiday. But our favorite song – and probably not one from church – is “I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas”! We sing it EVERY year – still do – it just wouldn’t be Christmas without it!
Here’s wishing you a peaceful and happy holiday season and a successful New Year!


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