We consider ourselves artists—even the engineers among us—and we want our art to enrich people’s lives. We believe this ideal of enrichment should be embodied in everything we do, from how we source our materials to the work itself to our customer service. That is why we make the following promises to the collectors of our work.

AuroraStone™ is Everlasting

AuroraStone™ is superior to materials like terra cotta, cast stone, mortar concrete, and some quarried stone. Our innovative glass-like material is highly resistant to water, extreme temperatures and bacteria,which means that it can weather the outdoors year-round, as well as being an enduring indoor material. This highly durable material coupled with our timeless designs ensures enduring enjoyment of your AuroraStone™ for decades to come.

Setting Our Own Standards of Sustainability

Our work has the distinction of setting an environmental standard all its own. First, our AuroraStone™ pieces are upcycled, meaning we put existing materials to new uses instead of consuming new raw materials. Secondly, we convert waste materials from industrial processes into safe, beautiful, one-of-a-kind artistic pieces. Finally, in defiance of our disposable culture, our work is made to last.

Standing By Our Work

We guarantee the quality and authenticity of every piece we sell. Each AuroraSurfaces piece must pass a thorough inspection before it is delivered. Damaged or defective items are destroyed and not sold. There are no seconds.

Respecting Your Privacy

We respect your privacy. Any information you provide us will only be used to fulfill the commissioning of your art piece. We never sell your information to third parties and we comply with all applicable United States laws and regulations.